Accept Dogecoin for Your Business

Dogecoin has quickly become one of the most adopted cryptocurrencies by businesses all over the world. Dogecoin, known for its minuscule transaction fees and lighting speed, is now being accepted by thousands of small & large businesses as a form of digital currency.

Accept Dogecoin

Benefits of Accepting Dogecoin

  • Retailers that accept Dogecoin create loyalty and a network effect.

  • It's much less expensive to process Doge payments than a credit card.

  • It creates a competitive opportunity for brands and retailers.

  • The average order value is higher for retailers that accept crypto.

  • Crypto consumers spend 2x as much as a credit card customer.

    • Dogecoin is secure, simple, intuitive and cheap for consumers.

  • The payment experience is seamless, as easy as scanning a QR code.

  • Brands that do Dogecoin specific promotions drive more awareness.

  • The marketing around Dogecoin as a payment works.

  • Retailers do not have to worry or deal with fraud or chargebacks.

Why Accept Dogecoin?

  • Millions of consumers have Dogecoin & want to spend it.

  • Dogecoin is a crypto with the characteristics of a true digital currency.

  • Trust in digital wallets has grown & consumers are used to QR codes.

  • Consumers are excited to spend Doge.

  • Dogecoin is a very attractive payment method.

  • Retailers want to offer customers choice.

  • Dogecoin has a super low transaction fee and is almost instant.

  • There is no downside for accepting it!

How to Accept Dogecoin for your business

Small businesses can use a simple non custodial Dogecoin crypto wallet like MyDoge to accept Doge as a form of payment.

MyDoge is a safe and secure FREE app available for both IOS and android that any business or person can use. It's backed by Ken Howery Paypal co-founder, Bill Lee Craft Ventures co-founder, Jeff Skoll former president of eBay along with All-Star veteran developers Alex Lewis and Jordan Jefferson.

MyDoge is a Dogecoin wallet used to store, send & receive dogecoins with a simple interface and is very user friendly. It can be setup on any Apple IOS or Android phone. You can even print out your QR code and customers can scan to pay at checkout.

How to setup a MyDoge wallet to accept Dogecoin:

  1. Go to from your mobile device

  2. Download the app for IOS or Android

  3. Create a wallet

  4. Save your key (password) in a very safe place.

(Without this key you will not have access to your wallet or Dogecoins)

Important Tips:

  • When testing transactions it’s always best practice to send small amounts first.

  • Print out your QR code and display it in your business for quick scanning. Once a payment is made it will show up in your MyDoge wallet.

  • When accepting Dogecoin make sure to announce it on Twitter using the hashtag #Dogecoin so the Doge community can share. The community is very powerful and can help boost social media efforts.

  • Try to run Dogecoin specific promotions or even price merchandise / services in Dogecoin. Dogecoin Wallet

Which Stores Accept Dogecoin?

Some of the brands and retailers accepting Dogecoin include: Tag Heuer, Gucci, Tesla, The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, The NHL’s Hurricanes, Newegg, Camping World, Jomashop, Equinox Gym, AMC Theatres and Sling TV. There are thousands of other small businesses that accept Dogecoin for products and services. As adoption continues more and more retailers will be offering Dogecoin as a payment option.

Who Supports Dogecoin?

Dogecoin has the support of many prominent and successful visionaries such as Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Gene Simmons, Snoop Dogg, Vitalik Buterin, Guy Fieri, Naomi Osaka and many more. Doge is known as the people’s crypto and has become a popular digital currency used for transacting.

How to Accept Dogecoin for your e-commerce site or big business?

Some businesses are bigger or have may even have an e-commerce presence. Accepting Dogecoin may seem like a challenge but there are many solutions available in addition to using a non custodial wallet like MyDoge. Larger companies can use Coinbase Commerce or BitPay for retail or e-commerce however fees vary but would still cheaper than accepting traditional credit cards. With e-commerce sites there are solutions available for popular platforms such as Wordpress, Wix or Shopify. Wordpress has a FREE plugin available named "Easy Dogecoin Gateway" and can be implemented in minutes. Shopify has partnered with to facilitate Dogecoin transactions or you can accept Dogecoin by using CoinBase Commerce

It’s always great to keep your Dogecoin in your wallet but if needed, you can exchange your Doge to your local currency by sending it to an exchange like Coinbase.